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Redwood City's Fox Theatre sold to Atherton businessman

Published Tuesday February 28

Photo: Almanacnews

Current owners will continue to run theater for at least the next 4 years

Peter Pau of Atherton, principal and founder of Menlo Park’s Sand Hill Homes has acquired Redwood City’s Fox Theatre, it was announced on Feb. 28. Former owners Eric and Lori Lochtefeld will continue to run the theater for at least 4 more years.

The Lochtefelds purchased the Fox out of foreclosure for $6 mill. 6 years ago with a Small Business Administration loan, Mr. Lochetefeld said. Their asking price for the theater was $20 mill. and they received multiple offers for the house he stated but they are not releasing the sales price.

The Lochtefelds also own the Golden State Theatre in Monterey.

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